Live Free & Fish

Are you sure you want a desk job?!*#@* or Live Free & Fish

Cole and Rainbow rocking this stupendous rig on the Missouri this week.

Met these cats this winter for their inaugural drift in their sweet Rivershed Boat. Perfect for the tow of themas they roam around Montana in search of freedom.

These two do not look like they would be comfortable working a desk job.

After saving and stashing  funds for an indeterminate period of time, Rainbow and Cole are headed south for the winter to Argentina, or Chile, or some where like that to fish, work a little, explore a few trout streams south of the Missouri. You know, Freedom to roam.

We just had to come up to the Missouri River before we leave the country. It just seemed right. We just finished painting the trailer and remodding the inside to include new hardwood floors and a well stocked wet bar.

We pulled up to the campground, popped open a beer, looked over the bank, and saw a 15-16″ Rainbow jump clear out of the water and exclaimed, Yah, we like it here.

Sounds good to us Cole and Rainbow. Thanks for doing it. The Trout Bum way. Wander off of the path, the trail, and find your own way.

I saw these two arrive today as I was passing the Craig Campground and stopped by for a visit after the day. Refreshing these two. Enjoying youthful attitudes. As I left they were fully rigged, into their 2nd beer, and surveying the Craig Bar. The fishing one, not Joe’s.

Joe’s later.

Best of luck Cole and Rainbow.

Live Free & Fish.

Live Free & Fish
A perfect tools for 2 on the majestic Missouri River

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