Missouri River Montana Fishing Report July 1st!

The dry fly month has arrived here on Montana’s Missouri River. We love July.

It is one busy month though. Bring your battle gear and prepare for dry fly fishing madness.

The morning can be great, the veining too. Most fish bankers hours here but if you want to think outside the box so to speak, you can find a little bit of Missouri River Heaven.

The entire river is lit up with bugs. They seem to have taken a couple days off but they were back yesterday. Today? Probably more of the same. The month of July is famous here for dry fly fishing dawn til dusk. We concur.

Look at John’s Blog yesterday to see some of the better PMD patterns we employ here. Really cool stuff. Cripples and emerges and spinners rule the day.

Caddis are popping big time on the lower reaches. Anywhere below Stickney. Saw a bundle int he morning hours as we left Crag too. Some last night on the upper too. SO they are becoming prevalent on the entire ditch.

Sally’s are nearing the pop too. Water temps have held us back for this skittering elusive topwater insect. We do have some killer Sally patterns inout bins for you to try. Look at the Outrigger Sally and the Stacker. Our two fav’s.

Drakes? Late. See you local guru about this big brown bug.

Midges are the rule up top as the Euro crowd was out catching them on tiny midge patterns top side near the dam. Ulf Borjessen of MadTrout is out with some Swedes fishing here and there for a couple weeks. Mostly here with some Henry’s Fork and Madison mixed in for good measure.

So you have a bundle of opportunities with the dry fly. Find your peace here on your favorite piece of water. Less traffic downstream as of late. It has flopped over to the top side for many dry fly fans.

And the Trico you ask? Not for another week or two. Then we will be in full summer swing. Dawn til dusk.

Parties coming up include America’s Birthday and we celebrate it here in Craig. A cool place to be. We will have our normal big party not he 4th with BBQ’s, sale items, swag, fun, porch partying, and lots of BS.

The real crowds show on the 5th. Lots of the non local local’s here right now. Faces we have been seeing for 20+ years here not eh Mo. Lots of long timers around.

The flows are up over 6K and not so hot for wade fishers that are not in the know. You step into the water at 6K and it is near the top of your waders. Boats are a plus if you want to cove lots of ground, or water, and be efficient. The temps are above 60F. No just kidding. This morning we are at 58F. That is why our bugs are a little behind the curve. They have only touched the 60F mark a couple days. We suspect wight eh weather ahead this week that we will see them move upwards again. Cooler temps now mean better fishing alter. Honest.


You can also run into fish that will not eat the fly. Not so much today, but in a couple weeks she can get a touch touchy! We just move on to another target. Some cannot pull themselves away. That is OK too. To each their own. The Mo can offer something for everyone. Hard to impossible to quite possible to…every extreme here in central Montana.

If you are coming soon check out the water and pack sunscreen. If you need additional sun products you can visit the sun superstore here in Craig at Headhunters Fly Shop. We have everything you may need on that front. Sunshirts from SIMMS and FreeFly, sun headwear from BUFF and SIMMS and FreeFly, sungloves from SIMMS, BUFF, 12wt. Lots of logo wear too for you to rock at home or here in Izaak’s. I hear you get mad props from your lady friend too if you rock the right HH Gear? Just sayin’.


The Funnest Fly Shop in the World open daily @ 630am and open late til 9pm for all your Missouri River needs. Shuttles, HH Gear, sun wear galore, info, the best in Missouri River Flies, GINK, friendly staff and free coffee daily as well.

See you on the porch tonight reliving the big one on a  dry stories!


Missouri River Montana Fishing Report July 1st!
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