Missouri River Montana Fishing Report New Breed Style

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report New Breed Style

Char Ford fishing with Headhunters Guide Jared Edens today on this updated fishing report from Headhunters Fly Shop in Craig Montana.

It is July, and the fishing is easy. Well sometimes. I am referencing the Porgy and Bess tune from the Gershwin Brothers. Catfish are jumping’…

On any given day the stretch you fish can be quite vacant. Look around and go the other way. It works. After the 5th? Maybe.

Not too many bugs yesterday as we are in a mode where sometimes they are gonna come big, and other days not so much.

5 Ways to get it done this July

Dry or Die. Most that are here for the July period are DFO’s. Tie them on and cast. Bring your industrial bottles of GINK and Fly-Agra. Get out early and stay out late.

Blind fish the dry. Many do this in between rising fish. A good way to pick up a couple extra trout. Look for 18″-36″ of moving water and toss an attractor like an ant or a giant Adams or some sort of caddis.

Dry-Dropper. Something that not many of us do. It sacrifices both the dry and the dropper. We believe that it is perfect for freestone rivers, but not so hot for our river. Reduces the effectiveness of the dry and the dropper equally. Choose one or the other. Your most efficient option.

Deep Nymph Rig. Get the flies not he bottom with a split shot. The bottom is where most of the fish live. Deep nymphing is batting for average. Singles win ballgames. For those who like to catch a bundle, this is your technique.

Streamer Fishing. Underrated summertime activity. Strip them fast before the weeds make an appearance. Explosive grabs and bigger trout. Try it when things get slow on the other fronts.

Headhunters open daily @ 630am and open late until 9pm. Stop in for the best in Missouri River Flies. Free info too.

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