Missouri River Montana Fishing Report June 6th 2014

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report June 6th 2014

The water levels have arrived at the dry fly level of 5240cfs. LEss than a week ago we had Holter Dam outflows of 11K+.

All we can say is…terrific.

Dry fly fihsing can commence  now.

Are there bugs in our dry fly world yet?

No, not really.

The bugs are subsurface an waiting for an increase in water temps. We are sitting at 52F. Down for the last week. It will rise soon.

The rest of the state is still in flux. They too will get to a level of their liking. Until then, welcome to Montana’s Missouri River. We have another great weekend in the west on tap for you here in Craig.

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report June 6th 2014

The Dearborn River is in shape and quite fishable. It is flowing below 600cfs and falling. Get out now if you like to experience this wonderful freestone in our back yard. Water temps on the Dearborn are good and we have not heard of any Salmonfly activity yet…but they will eat the worm as well as stones and rubberlegs.

Little Prickly Pear is not adding any dirt to the river as it is flowing at 161cfs. So we are all clear here on the Missouri River.

We have been having good luck with PMD patterns subsurface and caddis too. Anywhere from the dam to Cascade the summer bugs are quite active.

All parties are happy with the water. The wade fisher can now make his way to his spot. The dry fly fisher can find a few, or more, to toss a fly at most of the day. The streamer feller can strip til his arm fails, then switch arms. The nympher can shorten his bobber length and be more creative about nymph presentations.

Lodging available @ www.Craiglodging.com and keep it here for the fishing skinny all week long. We also have guide available for you early June fly fishing trip. Give our first class shop staff a shout and set something up today.

Headhunters Fly Shop open daily @ 7am and open late til 8pm for all afternoon and early evening shuttle needs. Flies, fly lines, demo rods, boat rentals, sungear, HH logo wear…and the best cleanest damned freshest info on the the river. Honest.

Missouri River Montana Fishing Report June 6th 2014
You like 5K?
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