Missouri River Montana May Dry Flies

Missouri River Montana May Dry Flies

Here is a short list of flies that are rocking it in May. While we do not have the caddis flies on this list, they are very near.

Yep. Saw a this last week fluttering about while doing some evening dry fly fishing.

The river becomes quiet as most of the anglers here fishing Montana’s Missouri River keep banking hours.

Yes, it is nice at night. Not nearly as many anglers plying the fly fishing trade post 5pm.

Here is a current list of a few flies that are hot right now.

Next week too? Yes, probably. Try them. You might like them.

Missouri River Montana May Dry Flies

  • Guide Chute
  • Pink Hi-Viz Parachute Adams
  • Glarachute
  • Purple Craze
  • Swishers Purple Clumpa
  • Purple HaWiese’s Purple Phase
  • Nymen’s DOA Cripple
  • Harrop’s CDC Baetis Spinner
  • Last Chance Cripple
  • D & D Cripple
  • Sparkle Dun
  • ParaSpinner CDC BWO
  • Brooks Sprout
  • CDC Indicator BWO
  • Storm Chaser
  • Snowshoe Dun BWO
  • UV2 Sparkle Dun
  • Para March Brown
  • Traditional March Brown
  • Stranahans Brindle Chute
  • Para March Brown
  • Kory’s March Brown
  • Harrops D & D March Brown Cripple

These and more are happening right now.

What’s next? Caddis. Caddis are on the way. Some have been seen on and around the river. Until they really pop, the Mother’s Day Caddis that is, we will have to enjoy the midge, the BWO’s, the March Browns.

Looks like the spring weather will continue through the weekend ahead. What are you doing this weekend? Caddis Festival in Craig after you fish during the day? Sunday will be a good day too. Or skip work today and beat the traffic this weekend. Either is a great idea.

The Spring Opener for small creeks and streams is Saturday. Little Prickly Pear and the Dearborn in our neighborhood will both be open for the summer. Still keep in mind there are doe sensitive redd areas out there. Be aware and be respectful.

Get your dry fly rod out of the tube and drew the line. It is dry fly season too. At least that is how we are proceeding. Even if the dry fly bite is just heating up, we want to be ready. Truly ready.

Are you ready for the Missouri River dry fly bite?

It is not red hot, or even all that great yet. But it will be. Soon. It will be here soon.





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