Missouri River Monday Morning

Missouri River Montana Snow Ahead

Throwback image today on theHeadhunters Fly Shop Blog. May have been the 3rd year open. 2010 image? Highs in the 20’s later this week. Lows in the single digits. Lots of snow forecast as well. 10″-20″? BWO weather? Swing weather? Streamer weather? Yessir. We are stoked. Dress warmly!

First smell of winter. The long winter ahead.

We don’t freeze up here. The river I mean. Our brains get a little chilly.  So we have trout fishing for the white months ahead.

Generally not so white, kinda gray and brown. Dirty tannish sometimes too.

I wouldn’t consider it “beach like.”

Pirate flags in Craig? Yes. Island girls? No.

Trout love overcast skies. Snow brings slate gray ceilings.


Slow pace this morning in Craig. We appreciate this Tortoise-Style crawl.

Think I’ll walk over to Joe’s and get some Bailey’s in my coffee…

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