Missouri River Montana Tuesday Fishing Report

One of the greatest spinner falls I have ever seen occurred earlier today on the upper river. Honest.

Billion, shoot brazillions, of Trico Spinners hit the water later in the morning and we had a helluva time getting our flies noticed for a spell. Then, then it happened. Caddis, PMD’s, Buzzballs turned on and we were able to capitalize on the Trico feeding fish. Just too much of a good thing for a time there. You truly cannot compete with so many naturals on the water.

Missouri River Montana Tuesday Fishing Report

Many folks, anglers, toss the Trico Spinner to Trico eating fish. It does work. They are actually eating Trico Spinners much of the time. But here is the helpful fly fishing feeding hint of the day…fish will eat flies other than Trico’s when they are feeding on Trico’s. They will. Trust me, I’m a guide.

Still no sign of the caddis here in big numbers. Although we have seen a couple days of spent caddis on the water in the mornings. Hatching at midnight? Could be. Will they come? If they don’t, we still have PMD’s and Trico’s. And terrestrials on their way?

Ants are still getting some attention and the hoppers? On their way. We have been seeing few go out of the shop this last couple weeks in preparation for the big event. We have a fabulous selection of the big fellers here in downtown Craig!

The water flows are up and down as the water managers have been thrown a monkey wrench a few time this spring and summer. Currently at the 4500cfs mark and water temps bouncing around too. The last couple cool days coupled with really cool mornings have kept it down.

The weeds have made an appearance and the lower you go the more you see. Can make nymphing difficult at times but does not bother the dry fly angler as much.

Some great guides still avail toward the end of this month as we mover toward the month of August. Lodging too. Come on out or come on over if you live somewhere within a good casting distance. Call us up on our Trout Fishing Hotline @ 406-235-3447 or 877-DRY-FLYS.

The shop is open at 6am for all your trout fishing needs here in central Craig near the river. A bundle of new fall clothing from SIMMS is getting stocked now for when the weather turns and so do the leaves. Sooner that later. Come by for our SALE Rack as it expanded recently while we need to get out with the summer stuff and in with the new.

Headhunters can handle your shuttle, your fly line issues, a new rod or two, outwear, innerwear, headwear, gloves, and BUFF’s too. Stop by for a cup of hot Joe in the morning and get the up to the minute fishing report from our crack staff…


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