Why I love my SAGE Method

Why I love my SAGE Method

I used to be the soft rod guy. No more. I am a fan of the stick that gets the most work done. Do work Son!

That is the SAGE Method. A work horse if there ever was one.

I look at the bevy of fly rods available to me in the morning and I nearly always pick out the 5 and 6 wt SAGE Method. The only time the line up changes is when I add a couple SAGE One rods for good measure.

Yes, the SAGE One is probably the better all ’round fisher of the two, but if you like go fast and horsepower all the time, as I do, then the Red Rod is the clear choice for daily angling.

The Method can fight fish too. Just faster.

Top 10 Reasons I love my SAGE Method

  1. Horsepower. None beats it.
  2. Hyper fast casting accuracy. True flight after you stop the rod every time.
  3. It’s Red. Trans Am’s are red. Coca-Cola is red. The Red Rocker likes Red…just watch
  4. It goes anywhere you want to go. Long, short, into the wind, along with the wind. She goes along for the ride, in fact she is driving!
  5. The best all around casting machine on the market. SAGE got this rod right in the trout sizes.
  6. I like the 5, the 6, the 7, the 8, the switch, the 9…you get the drift there don’t you. Commonly trout rods have a couple sweeties in the line. All the red rods are sweet.
  7. The fish fighting machine. Whip ’em fast and get them in. No tired fish when using the Method.
  8. Everything is better in red. The SAGE Method is the tough guy rod for tough guys. Or just fella’s who like to own it. Use it for trout fishing and beyond. Whipping up on a big ‘ol Tarpon is cool too. Getting to the Tiki Bar sooner making everybody happy.
  9. Knocks out the wows in your line when casting. The Konnetic Technology truly does work. Watch a few different anglers cad the red rod and judge for yourself. Stop in and try the SAGE Method anytime.
  10. A World Class Dry Fly Rod. Can stand up to the test. Your test. A nymphing machine. Stiff enough to set the hook at long distances and carry heavily weighted split shot ridden rigs! Streamers? With ease.
Why I love my SAGE Method
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  • I agree; bought the 6 weight a few weeks ago, and it does all you say. They really knocked this one out of the park,.

  • I’ve yet to cast a Method myself.
    But I can understand your enthusiasm for this ultra fast rod.
    However are you sure your point 6 (short?)? I doubt such a stiff rod will give a good feel of the line with short casts?…

  • Jay, don’t fish every day like Mark but I am much older and have seen actions come and go. This rod has enough flex that, amazingly, you can fish very accurately in close. Couldn’t believe it myself.

  • J.Wolf:
    The TCX was way too stiff a rod for my taste.
    Only feeling some flex when casting 30+ feet with long bellies.

  • Dallas from Calgary area...
    February 28, 2015 12:05 pm

    For the 590 Method, do you use a six weight line?
    I found an eight weight is awesome on the too stiff 790 Method… it makes for an incredible light weight small creek pike rod for southern Alberta… any suggestions?

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