Streamer Saturday?

Missouri River Streamer Saturday?

It’s coming. The time of year when the streamer junkies crawl from their dark fly tying dungeons and test their winters work on the Mo.

I would venture a guess that streamer time is here. Well, the front end of the streamer season at the very least.

Get your big stick out of the closet and get after it.

Streamer Saturday
Over 100 streamer patterns in stock!

Need a new Streamer Line for your gun? We got ’em. RIO, Airflo, Orvis…10+ streamer lines in stock for 5’s, 6’s, 7’s and a couple in the 8 too.

Streamer tips available too. VersiTips and Poly leaders from RIO and Airflo.

Streamer leaders round out the terminal end.

Flies. Streamer flies? Well over 100 patterns in the stuffed Headhunters Fly Shop bins. The largest streamer selection in the Tri-County area!

Yes it is streamer season and we love it. Bobber fishing gets us through the winter but streamer fishing is what many dream about.

Begin your 2015 streamer dream today.




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