Missouri River Summer Solstice Report June 21st 2018

Missouri River Summer Solstice Report June 21st 2018

Missouri River Summer Solstice Report June 21st 2018

River flows came back above 15K this morning. The flows on the Dearborn are falling rapidly currently at the 3500 cfs mark.

We expect to see the Dearborn flows continue to fall therefore the Missouri River below the confluence will be fishable again. Since the rain event the pressure on the upper river has been a bit intense. Little Prickly Pear is blown as well making the east side of the river the only stripe of clean water.

Below Craig the mixture is clearing as well. You can fish to the Dearborn boat ramp.

Ways to alleviate the pressure is to fish early, get out early. Or, to fish in behind the rest. Later afternoon/evening fishing is a good idea. Good news…Headhunters runs our shuttle business late into the day and early evening. When the rest of the shops are closed, we are still open for any fly suggestions, rigging techniques, hot fishing reports, and of course river shuttles.

Nymphing continues to be the best game in town. Flies that work include the big attractor types like worms, scuds, sows, bright and flashy streamers, Zirdles, Craws, larger PT’s, Squirrel nymphs, Pheasant Tail Jugs and the like. Bottom flies that have traction include sows, worms, any number of differing PMD nymphs (we have them all at your one stop fly source on the MO, HH Fly Shop) caddis pupa, Yellow Sally nymphs too.

A few ways to rig your nymphing rod include a couple split shot 4′-9′ from the strike indicator. The fish are suspended on the afternoons in the seam lines. You can get much shorter if you wish when fishing them.

The dry fly fishing is based on the insects, and you. If you are a dry fly nut and can peer down the shorelines finding those sipping trout tight to the bank, you will have a good shot at a larger brown trout. Big Browns are dumb on a PMD. Those who are nymphing and planning on stopping when they see a rising trout are not getting this shots. You gotta commit if you like to use the dry fly rod.

Cripples. That is the key. Not the spinner yet. A Buzzball might work?

Steamer anglers have been getting a few. Getting deep again so you must use heavy tips. See us at the shop for information on how to get your flies into the fish window. They gotta see it to eat it.

A killer weekend ahead of us as we are looking forward to 710 Ashbury playing Izaak’s Log Jam Saturday 6pm til 10pm. Come on out to Craig and visit your favorite fly shop along with your BBQ Jam @ Izaak’s of Craig and tip a few back groovin’ to the best of the Dead and 710 Ashbury. This band is tight, and definitely worth the trip to Craig.


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