Missouri River Summer Water Update

Missouri River Summer Water Update

Lots of talk about the upcoming summer season including water predictions. The Missouri River Summer Water Update can be explained easily with a couple charts.

That chart above shows the probable water levels for the year ahead. You have seen this format above. The chart below shows us the current status of summer water.

Look at the red line. That is our water projection as of today. It follows the historical path of average, the black line. Look at the green line. That is last year.

If we believe in the chart we see that we are scheduled for an average water year. When the snowpack is added to this spring we may move above the current projection.

Missouri River Summer Water Update

We are staring at the the 3 wettest months ahead. I always hope for the best, and prepare the worst.

The water managers have been holding water all winter long beginning in October. That is when they pulled the plug on the fall water.

Another 4200 cfs year? Yes we could survive on that. But, we would like to have much more. Bring some more winter snow and spring rains. That is what we want. How about a big 15K blow out for a week.

Why not. Sacrifice today for a big return tomorrow.

Missouri River Summer Water Update
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  • I hope this note helps a few this year while enjoying our beautiful Missouri River this season. COVER YOUR CAN!!!. (Huh)???
    If the weather pattern is similar to last year and it seems to be shaping up to be. The stinging insects- Bees, Wasps and Hornets will suffer from a diminished food supply. Last year they were very aggressive and on the hunt near every spot on the river that I happen to visit last year. I was stung a couple of times and witnessed multiple people suffer the same fate.
    If we all keep our food related items picked up , removing the source of draw for these insects, then many of them won’t key in on us as a probable food source.
    When we all are enjoying our preferred beverages it may be advisable to turn your can coozy upside down over the opening when not in your hand as having a bee in your beverage may not have a happy ending. So please keep your trash contained in a sealed container and COVER YOUR CAN.
    Good Luck my friends

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