X Caddis JAV

X Caddis JAV Kit and Tying Video

X Caddis JAV Kit

The X Caddis is a killer fly! Still a couple months away from needing this bug. But I truly believe that the X Caddis originally tied by Craig Mathews is one of the 5 caddis you will ever need.

Rides low in the water, visible to those who can still see, and damn fishy.

Fished as a dry, an emerger, a drowned caddis or a spent. You could argue that this fly catches more fish than any number of other patterns.

A must have for Missouri River summer angling.

Buy this Just Add Vise Kit at Headhunters. Some have knocked off this tying kit, but none com are to the quality, the video, and the love, man.

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