Missouri RIver Winter Fishing Report

Missouri River Winter Fishing Report 1.16.15

Pretty good stuff out there.

It is damn cold most days and there is ice on the shore, on the boat ramps, clogging you guides.

Joe’s Bar is open and the fire is burning til 2 am daily.

Look at the boat ramps before you choose your drift. Some folks have been stuck on the Craig boat ramp, Stickney, Wolf Creek. So either carry a big set or choose the dam, Spite, maybe Craig. We are doing shuttles when the air temps are floating above 32F. Well folks are fishing then. We’ll do your shuttle when the mercury dips below as well, but we find not as many hardy souls out when the wind chill plummets.

Shop open daily with brisk glove sales and the free coffee seems to be popular. Anglers getting their reservations in for the upcoming year. We’ve been quite busy with the phone work. Some 2 Handed Spey Rod sales too. The Echo Glass Rod getting lots of attention.

The Echo Glass Switch 11′ 6wt is my favorite, so far. A real easy casting feel. Nice. Come in and try any one of the 3 DEMO’s we have in stock. All 3 lengths in stock..

Back to the winger fishing report. Pink still.

The water temps are very cold and the fish are near stopped water. Just a 1/2 click above moving. Softly eating. 34.5F is the water temps. The air temps of 40F this weekend may raise the temps 1/4 of a degree during the day, Maybe. Water flows are near 4700cfs and that is pretty normal for this time of year.

Water flows as of January from the water folks predicting the future are below.

Missoiuri River Winter Fishing ReportSwingers are getting the trouts on  smaller bugger and leeches. Scandi lines with inter mediate tips are the most common with some Skagit-eers getting it done as well dredging with non weighted patterns.

Some midge around and some milling fish just subsurface. All normal winter action. We would not mind a couple water degrees warmer.

Cabins and the big house on the Craig Trout Camp available or rent this weekend. Rainbow and Brown Cabins @ $125 and the Craig House starts @ $150/2 guests. $50/head beyond that.

Come on by and we can help. Open at 8am and around til 5 daily. Some cool sale items, lots of Spey and Switch Fly Lines in stock along with stacks of single handed lines from RIO, Wulff, Airflo, Orvis, and Cortland. Some killer sale lines as well that have to go, now!





Missouri River Fishing Report
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