Missouri River Winter Flies

Missouri River Winter Flies | Headhunters Fly Shop

Monday morning here in Craig Montana. We are settling in. Totally settling in.

The pace has slowed from the slow pace last week. Now, it is truly weather dependent for the anglers daily arrival.

Purely locals and some regional folks around. Some hunters, some anglers, some just lost asking questions in Craig. Bathroom, gasoline, why are there 3 fly shops in this tiny town? You know, questions like that.

The answer to the winter fly question? Well read on this Monday morning.

Missouri River Winter Flies | Headhunters Fly Shop

  • Row 1 right: FB Caviar, Pink Ray Charles, Tan UV Czech, Rainbow Czech
  • Row 2: Black Zebra, Red Zebra, Quigley’s Midge Pupa, Bloom’s FB Rainbow Weight Fly
  • Row 3: Lint Bug, Hunchback Scud, Firebead Soft Hackle Gray Ray, Pink Lightening Bug
  • Row 4: Weise’s Purple Phase, Renegade, Quigley’s Midge Cluster
  • Row 5: Buzzball, Black Posted Midge Cluster, Snowshoe Midge Cluster
  • Row 6: CDC Hanging Midge, Purple Helicopter Special, Double Posted Midge Cluster
  • Row 7: A couple small Black Wooly Buggers and a Skip’s Rainbow

All proven patterns for the winter months on the Missouri River. Montana’s winter fishing is overlooked. Many appreciate the fact that the pressure is reduced. Just a plain fact that most do not like to fish with north winds and air temperatures in the teens.

It’s not for everyone. But if it is, check out these Missouri River Winter Flies @ your favorite winter fly shop in Craig Montana.

Remember to stay in the winter type water columns. The faster bank centric approach will not really get you through the entire day. It may get you some trout during the heat of the day, but do not focus on it all day long. Get into winter trout water and stay there. But, that is a blog for another day.

Montana’s Headhunters Fly Shop & Guide Service is you information source for all things Missouri River. Check us out tomorrow for additional info, or baloney. Not sure yet which it will be…




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