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Missouri River Hot Summer Flies

Missouri River Hot Summer Flies

A quick survey of the guides and shop gang this am about what is working for them. And here it is this Humpday in late July. We have fallen off of the July cliff. Quiet on the weekdays as the anglers are out there having a ball!

Max Mattioli. Ninch’s Slay-Ride, Ju-Ju Baetis, anything Purple, any drowned Trico, Hi-Vis Trico Spinner, Rusty Para Spinner.

Beth Langell. Caddis. Float or sink.

Eric Mondragon. Zebra, good in the morning for sure. Zirdle in the afternoon. Ohh, and ants.

Mark Raisler. Holo-Point, Quilldigon PMD, Little Green Mo, Black, Buzzballs, Tape Wing Caddis, Little Green Machine.

Dick Magill. Morrish Hopper, Translucent Emerger, Corn Fed Caddis, Hackle Wing Mayfly Cream for the PED, Last Chance Cripple Trico.

Max Rubino. CDC Spinner Trico, Sparkle Flag PMD, Grape Slushy, Split Case PMD.

The dry fly fishing got easier yesterday. Thankfully! The previous week plus has been kinda tough on the dry fly. IF you make a mistake in the first couple drifts the game is over. Not anymore. Trico spinner falls scheduled for the next couple months. Hoppers and ants too.

Get some ants, Trico spinners, hoppers, and caddis. That will get you through the next couple weeks. Stop in daily for up to date info and fishing reports. Water levels, weed updates, the Best Flies under the Big Sky!

Nymphing is hot. The dam is hot. Most fo the traffic is upriver. Meaning nearly all. So think about that one and make your plan accordingly. The fish are eating not eh lower reaches, they gotta eat. But if you are not excited or know how to shake the wed from your flies, you may want to stay above Mid Canon.

Open daily 630.



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