Friday Missouri River Fishing Forecast July 19th

Friday Missouri River Fishing Forecast July 19th

Friday Missouri River Fishing Forecast July 19th

  • Fishing this weekend will be good. Trico’s in some sort of fashion, PMD’s, Caddis, Brown Drakes, occasional Pseudo’s, and Sally’s should keep you busy fielding dry fly opportunities.
  • The upper river is great for the dry fly angler. If you like the flat dry fly sort of thing.
  • The canyon is fabulous for the nympher and the blind dry fly angler. Dry-Dropper angler too. Streamers? Sure.
  • The lower reach is good for the evening Drake, the swinger, the stripper, the terrestrial fanatic.
  • Water temps creeping upwards in the lower 60’s. Not an issue. Just reporting the facts man.
  • Water levels in the lower 6K range with 6340cfs at time of press. Love t. Great for rising trout and casting big dry flies at the shore.
  • Big Swans and Pelicans and Penguins and Flamingo’s are out there floating on the weekends. Kayaks too. Lots of Kayaks. Lots.
  • Spinners, scents, cripples, skitterers, emergers. All good all day long. The dead fly here on the Mo is the key to long term dry fly success.

And, Dead Flies Don’t Swim.

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