Silly Saturday Scenery

Silly Saturday Scenery Dry Fly Paul

The Taylor party long with the Sweeney’s just fished with us on their 20th year to the Mo.

12 years with HH. Since day one. The Taylors were one of the first booked under the roof fo HH oF Craig.

Thanks to you two and the Sweeney’s for putting up with us for the long haul.

Paul landed this fish and many more a couple mornings ago in a mid river riffle. Dun times fishing dead decomposing insects. Like caddis. Exactly like caddis.

Paul was putting the new Headhunter Fly Line through the paces too. A bit of wind did not disrupt the flight path. Nope. Fly delivered to the target many many times. Accuracy is one of those things that is pretty important in dry fly fishing. Drift too.

Enjoy your weekend. Mid July. Love summer.

More fish to come on the dry fly this summer. Will we be saying in the 10 years…“Remember the summer of ’19? Yeah, great dry fly action for months.”

I know we are savoring every moment.



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  • Mark, thank you again for the memorable 20th year!!!!
    Fish were getting wiser every day, but the new Headhunter line made the presentation much easier (especially in the windy flats)…….
    You have hit a home run with this line, bravo!

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