Monday Morning Missouri River Fishing Report

Monday Morning Missouri River Fishing Report

Monday Morning Missouri River Fishing Report

Marcie caught this bad brown on a tiny small olive mayfly. A sz 20! She is kicking off our Monday Morning Missouri River Fishing Report!

Nymphing is on fire this week, and last, and the 8 weeks ahead of us still! Short leash, deep rig, or even in the middle about 4′ are all equations with positive outcomes. How about deep in the morning, medium in the middle of the day and short all afternoon long. Follow the bugs towards the top of the water column, Makes sense. No?

All of those small techy micro mayflies with olive or flashy being the choice this last week. Why not tie on a couple of them. How about a bigger Tungsten headed Pheasant Tail for a lead fly? A good idea. Other top flies that have sen quiet popular include the almighty San Juan Worm, Crawdad, October Caddis Pupa, Rubber Legs, Weight flies by Bloom, and any one of the many scuds and Saws not eh market. Arnold’s Sili Scud, Ninch’s Bubble Yum, Rainbow Czech, Tan UV Czech, Theaded Beaded Tailwater Soq, Firebeads are back as well.

The blind Dry Fly is one way to go. An October Caddis for the floaty fly is a good option. A Stimi, an orange Chubby, or an Orange Ninch’s Peanut. How about a big sz 12 Adams or Purple Haze. They work. There are Callibaetis on the water and the trout are always fond of that mayfly profile whether it be big or small.

Smaller BWO patterns are all the rave too. CDC Crips, hair winged crops, or poly winged crips can be deadly. Some fishermen only fish the cripple in the fall. Cannot argue with that idea much. Tiny Adams patterns get it done too. We have several different post colors for any light conditions that may present itself.

Streamer fanatics are coming out of hibernation. Flashy, slender, white, yellow, and articulated seem to have a following this week. Sink tips are getting asked for in the shop. Dry lines are fin for now, but those who get serious about this phenomenon have a couple fly line choices at the ready for any conditions that might present itself. Like deep water for starters!

Headhunters is your Streamer Fishing HeadQuarters on the Missouri River. The best in flies. The only Missouri River shop with a complete selection of tips, heads, leaders, tippet rings, on and on. We got all you need for your streamer fix here in downtown Craig MT.

Water temps are plunging as the weather turns towards fall more and more. 60F. It will fall more this week. Currently  Quite windy this weekend. That has passed and the week ahead promises cooler seasonal weather. The highest air temperature for the week is today at 64F. Flows are in the 3500cfs range.

All good with the weds moving through. Fished the canyon on Friday and Saturday with good success on both dry flies and nymphs. A few of the Headhunters gang has been chucking the streamer in there with some good tugs too.

Headhunters Fly Shop open daily at 630am and open late til 9pm. Late afternoon shuttle? No problem. When the rest of the shops on the Missouri River are closing for the day, we are offering all services and more. Perky HH staff will help you with flies, demo rods, shuttles, tomorrows boat rental, lodging for your next trip, and anything you would like. See us for SIMMS rain gear, wool socks, hats, a T-Shirt for your sweetie, and an Echo Gecko for your kids fly fishing future!




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