Monday MorningMissouri River Fishing Report August 8th, 2022

Monday MorningMissouri River Fishing Report August 8th, 2022

Flows average at 4100 cfs-ish. Will continue near this mark for. some time.

Water temps dipped Saturday and Sunday after the T-Storms and cool-ish mid-weekend cool spell. Currently 67-ish.

Trico’s have become localized and not river wide. They could pop again this week ahead with the air temps rocketing towards the 100F mark again on Wednesday. Looks hot for the next 7-10 days.

Currently no speak of a river restriction here locally. Watch the USGS gauge for water temps and if they hover around that 70F+ range then you may see some rumblings. If it does not get to the mark of 70F or better, then no worries man.

Caddis continue to be a payer out there. Night missions are loaded with caddis targets. Daytime, yes. Start the morning out with your best downwind or spent caddis pattern and enjoy.

How about a Spruce Moth to generate a few top water strikes int eh am as well?

Sunken ant?


The nymphing game is done with a bigger fly up front and a smaller fly off the back. Or two small flies if that is your method. Franchise? You bet.

Most are up top from Craig and above. If you don’t like the crowding go early, late, or elsewhere/downriver.

Availablilty most days through this month. Some are full, others wide open.

The weeds in the water column. are some days not too good, others not too bad.

Check us out when in Craig on the fun side of town. Open daily 630 am.




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Yup, busy here on the MO

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