Montana Margaritaville

Montana Margaritaville – This Friday!

Headhunters is famous for it’s last minute events, and here’s the latest. Our good friend Ron Bartek is sponsoring the first annual Ron Bartek Margarita and Ice Cream Social. Ron loves Craig, Headhunters, the Missouri River and Margaritas. He claims he is an expert Margarita mixer.

To add another cool element to the mix, Chef John at Izaak’s is mixing up some of his famous home made ice cream. Cone, cup or dump it in the Margarita. It’s your call, hombre.

This event will be early, right when everyone has been getting off the river. You’ll be all hot and sweaty after a day of playing tug-o-war with some Missouri River trout. What better to cool off with than some chilly tequila and ice cream!

Kickoff is around 3:00pm. 

BONUS – If we get at least 20 comments requesting a $1 fly sale that afternoon, we may do it! Comment below, dude.

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