On The Brink

I think the river is about to explode. The water color has changed a bit in the last couple of days, I’m finding fish in some unusually fast and shallow water, and yesterdays streamer bite was like in the olden days. I fished with former Simms Representative and World Angler Jon Yousko yesterday. We’ve been fishing together for well over 10 years, but it’s been a few years since he and I had really good streamer fishing. Yesterday was really good.

And that funky algae brown color thats been emanation form Holder Dam seemed to disappear yesterday. Not sure if it was the lake turning over or something more sinister. By yesterday afternoon on the drive home, the river had that inky blue-black color that I associate with spring fishing.

While we were wearing out our 50+ year old arms throwing streamers, Headhunters guide Ben Hardy was keeping his clients bent trowing nymph rigs. So all is right with the Missouri River. Now we just need a blanket BWO hatch and a cloudy day.

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