Pink Lightening Bug Just Add Vise Kit

Pink Lightening Bug Just Add Vise Kit

This might be a good idea to tie on fishing the Mo this spring.

One of the standard issue fly patterns. I first saw it from local legend Dan Gard. Don’t know if he invented it, or tipped it, but he was the first one to have it.

Bob Brent may have invented it. One of those two. I think it was Dan though. Dangerous Dan  Gard. Great fly creator. Funny feller. Have a couple stories about guiding with Dan my first or second year ont eh Mo. Fun times. Enjoyed it a lot. Learned a ton from the likes of Dan Gard and Geoff Ferguson in the front end of the 2000’s. May more too. But I like the way those two tie their flies. Fuzzy. Shaggy. Good looking. Fishy.

I think it was Dan’s baby.

Tie this feller up if you want to catch some with the bobber this spring.

The Headhunters Online Shop is LIVE again. Our crack web team, John, put the new version together this winter. Lots of work. Great looking store. Ready for action. Why shop on Amazon wen you can get your fly fix here online.

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