Saturday January 23rd Missouri River Fishing Report

Saturday January 23rd Missouri River Fishing Report

Still kinda winter here in central Montana. Cool this morning as well as yesterday with air temps dipping into the single digits. Not much snow, if any accumulations int he last couple months. Mild air temps for the most part with afternoons a solid option. More spring like than winter like for sure. Anglers on the water with shuttles happening daily. Not much for guide trips this past week but we will see some as February can been seen around the corner.

Water Temps: 34.5F. That is cold. Make sure you recognize the water temps as you look for winter water. Winter water is slow. Almost not moving. And 3+’ deep. Look for the deep holding winter buckets at the end of soft inside bend runs.

Water Flows: 4200cfs. A few inches below the average historic winer flows. Easy wading. Some shelf ice showing in back eddy slack water areas. Be careful. Beyond that pretty easy winter wading and boat conditions as the boat ramps are clear, and mostly clear of shelf ice.

Streamer Anglers. Smaller buggers and leeches are the most popular fly(s) this past week with Kreelex and smaller flashy patterns getting the attention of the Mo River trout. Fishing slower buckets and some even a bit more moving water has been OK. Streamer lines should have some sort of sink tip like a RIO Big Nasty or the SA Sonar. Catch rates to too bad and if you can keep you hands warm enough what a nice way to pass the day. Streamer anglers fishing all over the river. From the dam on down river.

Nymphers. Deep and slow. Pink or some sort of pink-ish fly pattern will get it done. The key is to change the water depth and location before changing the flies. If, if you are in the correct water type, first find the bottom. Then adjust and come up just a bit off of the bottom. Then toss the flies in and fish. If you are in the right depth and correct water type, then change the fly pattern. Dam and WC are the two most popular nymph put ins. But the the canyon has been producing as well.

Trout Spey. The most popular discipline for Headhunters guests and fans. HH in Craig is your 2HTROUT destination. All the lines, rods, tips, leaders, Trout Spey specific fly patterns, and information you need to have a great day not he water. Let us help rig your rod if you are new to the game. Trout Spey Casting lessons available all winter long too. Or take a Trout Spey Guide Trip and get all the info! Skagit Heads with at least a 5×5 RIO iMOW tip or midnight SA TC Skagit Tips to achieve the proper depth. Some tossing the a full length of T-8 to get real deep in the holding buckets. The canyon has been popular for the swinging crowd.

Dry Fly Midge Anglers. Some out there. Just keep you eyes open and understand that not all of the fish poking their head out of the water are catchable. Random behavior is apparent as you watch these fish work. A fish found on the near thebans in a solitary location can lead you to success. The pond type rising trout cruising in circles can drive you mad! A cluster top fly with a short black soft hackle of Zebra can fool a few too. Sometimes…

Craig Trout Camp Lodging. Open. Discounted winter rates to keep you warm and dry between fishing excursions! Call today 406-235-3447 and reserve your Missouri River winter hideaway.

Headhunters Fly Shop. Open daily 8-5. Happy to help and educate about winter fishing techniques. Shuttle service daily. Stop in and say hello as you wander the river this winter.

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