Saturday Missouri River Fishing Report from Your Information Leader in Craig

Saturday Missouri River Fishing Report from Your Information Leader in Craig

Saturday Missouri River Fishing Report from Your Information Leader in Craig

Along with this report you could swing. y the Mother Ship in cowtown Craig and pleasure yourself with our Mo River Fly Selection. Stuffed bins coupled with the best in customer service in the canyon. Open daily at 7am.

Flows are coming down. With the rain forecast for the coming week along with the rain that has fell, nearly an inch yesterday. More adding up today.

Dearborn River not off color or blown. Visibility not compromised. Will that continue? Most likely. The Dearborn has already been to 1200cfs. The mud has been tossed. Dearborn own River currently 585cfs and not on a big upswing.

Little Prickly Pear is low and clean. LPP 175cfs.

Streamer fishing is very good. As of yesterday. A fishing report is reporting, what has already happened. Sink Tips including intermediate range will get it done. Deeper if you wish. Type 3 or better. Dredge it. Flashy, Skiddish, Beth’s Britches, Kreelex, Dali Llama, White, Black, Olive. Un-real streamer selection at HH of Craig. Cast upstream and strip in down. Do it.

Nymphers whacking them on PMD nymphs. Ferenchie, Quiilldigons, Perdigon Pearl and Black, Perdition Sunrise, Split Case, Tungsten SC, Hollowpoint PMD, Pyscho May, Fullback Napoleon, Spanish Perdition, Rodriguez Sunrise. Classics like the S & M, Fire Perdigon, Brush Hog, Nightmare PErdigon, Yellow Spot PMD, Tungsten Jig PMD.

Other nymphs include Pill Popper, Zebra, Sow Bug, Tailwater, Rainbow Czech, Worm, Purple Weight Fly, Brush Hog, Boroff Caddis, Beaded Tungsten Translucent Pupa, CDC PT Jig, TungDart, Tungsten Jig Hare’s Ear…

PMD’s. Yes. Dry flies on the early session include Cripples, and occasional duns. Localized. Soon to be river wide.

Caddis. Sparse, hardly. Coming soon.

Midge. Not really. Same for BWO’s. Although could find them here and there, spotty, local.

Trout Spey too deep to step in the water if you are accessing from he shoreline. If you are young and strong, go right ahead. PMD soft hackles? Yessir.

Practice your reach mend/cast for the fishing ahead of us. Thought for the Day on dry fly approach: Hail Mary’s come at the end of the game, not the beginning. Think about that one DFO fella’s. Think about it for more than 3 seconds. Do it. Run it through your head, the Hail Mary

Forecast is for rain and thunderstorms for the week ahead. Buy raingear from Skwala, SIMMS, Orvis. Waders from the same Manu’s. Bootfoot waders from Orvis in stock. Sun-gear available too. Lots of Hoodies, cool logo stuff, clothing for gals as well. We love the fly gals here @ Headhunters. Female shop staff, management, guides, and customers too!

If you wanted a guide trip for June, good luck. Lodging? Maybe. Doubtful. July? Late July. Maybe. Guided. Maybe, probably. Call Julie for any availability for local lodging and guide trips.



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