September 30 Mo River Fishing Report

September 30 Mo River Fishing Report

September 30 Mo River Fishing Report

Flows about 3K. Will stay that way for the remainder of 2021.

Temps in the primary trout range of 54F-58F. The fish are hot, will move for a fly, and…

BWO’s? Not yet. Soon? Probably.

Pseudo’s? Yep.

Callibaetis? Waning.

October Caddis? A few around. Better on the nymph.

Streamers? Yes. See pic above. Mike was up for trying streamer fishing. His first cast is exhibited above. I think he likes streamer fishing. A woolly bugger was the tip. Beth’s Britches to be exact. What’s that? Ask in store, at your HQ for the Best Flies Under the Big Sky. Flashy is in right now. And the regular streamer colors too. Brown, olive, black.

Nymphing? Great. Weight flies, BWO nymphs, October Caddis Pupa, Zebra’s, Scuds, and sows. All good deep or shallow. Faster water is still the key to success while dredging.

Swingers? Oh boy. Getting more excited daily. And yes, getting them. Certainly stop in for the any Trout Spey info or gear or tips or leaders,  or rods, or Trout Spey Fly Lines, or guided trips. Your Trout Spey HQ in the canyon and beyond is HH of Craig.

Shop open daily 730am.

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