Silly Saturday Scenery High Bank

Silly Saturday Scenery High Bank

Silly Saturday Scenery High Bank

Sunny and not too hot.

Has kept some of the recreational floaters from the water.

They will return today as the mercury is rising to the 80F+ mark.

Tough sledding yesterday as many anglers got their teeth kicked in. Me included. Not terrible, but not as hot as it has been. Lots of smiles on faces regardless of the softer bite.

I guess it cannot be off the charts everyday. Sure is fun when it is though.

This last week was really something. Great PMD feeders and the lower river has the caddis thing going. The upper has more of the PMD deal.

More of the same ahead of us. The fish will start responding to negative reinforcement. Bad dragging flies over fish will allow them to learn about fishermen and their antics.

Lends credence to the first drift theory.


Shop open at 7am. Soon we will be rocking a bit earlier hours. But if you need anything after the hour of 6pm we will gladly oblige here in Craig @ Headhunters. We are your late not spot next to Izaak’s and Joe’s Bar. Come on in and get that new fly line, those much needed cripples, or that Craiglandia gear.

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