Silly Sunday Scenery

Silly Sunday Scenery

Silly Sunday Scenery

Headhunters Fly Shop with Silly Sunday Scenery this Sunday morning late January.

Headhunters is your only daily fly fishing blog in Montana bringing you the best in inane Missouri River entertainment to your living room at a pace only we can provide.

Why do we do it? To keep you informed on all things Missouri and Headhunters. We consider you part of our extended family and without communication you wouldn’t send us Christmas cards. And then we would be sad.

Today we have our Sunday session of the Trout Spey Clinic. Full attendance yesterday with a bakers dozen casting away and making memories. Or at least getting better on the Spey front.

Several shuttles and boats on the river yesterday and today. Good stuff inside the shop too with flies, pink in flavor mostly, info, and rowing/fishiing gloves headed out the door.

The Echo TR2 3 and 4 weight trout spey rods flying out too. Come in and see what all the buzz is about as we are Trout Spey Central HQ here in Montana. Second on the list of favorites are the Sage ONE trout spey sizes in 2 and 3. Light and responsive with lazer like casts for your Mo River and beyond enjoyment.

Looks like warm and windy today. Highs nearing the 50F mark.

Will we see you wandering the mean streets of Craig?

Have a great day out there in America…

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  • Couple of Questions,
    Is the picture looking up stream at the Wolf Creek Bridge?
    Is that really snow on the far mountain? What is the elevation of that mountain?
    I am a 3 season (spring, summer, fall) visitor to the MO. Just Curious…

    Thanks for the Blog…really good stuff always!

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