SIMMS Challenger Pull On Boots

SIMMS Challenger Pull On Boots

They are here. They have arrived. SIMMS Challenger Pull On Boots in the 14″ length are in store today.

These will be popular with the boat only crew. Never put on waders? Sounds damn good to me. Pull on your favorite hoody along with your SIMMS Pro Dry Bibs adding your SIMMS Moon Boots and off to the river you are.

A perfect compliment to the already dialed in lifestyle you have. Just add the Challenger Pull On boot from SIMMS.

A check’d fleece interior with SIMMS totally worthy Right Angle Foot bed will keep you not only foot fatigue free, warm, yet sweat free. The 14″ height is perfect for launching your drifter and kicking it inside the cozy confines of your own private dinghy. No worries on the return trip either. Step in, attach the bow rope, crank it and head to the ‘ol drinking hole.

I’ve seen a trout spey caster or two rocking it ankle deep in these either practicing a few snake rolls or swinging through a not so secret skinny run.

The neoprene upper and pull on tag in the rear of the boot will help you get them on with ease. I have been just stepping into them and shoveling the driveway. Quick run to the dump? Fooling with the sprinkler heads in your yard? Shit-kickin’ it telling fishing lies in the garage drinking with friends?

Remove them with ease finding the prominent kick-off tab on the back side of the boot. The sole is not designed for trekking in the outback. A non-marring siped sole is made for interior drifters, skiffs, or driveways. It does not posses a 4WD style tread pattern for off roading. No, this is your daily city driver.

Yes. Perfect for everyday tasks.

We have them at Headhunters. Come by and try them on.

I already know you will look good…

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