Smoke Jumper BWO Tying Video

Smoke Jumper BWO Tying Video

Our good friend Hans Stephenson over at Dakota Angler with the Smoke Jumper BWO today on the Headhunters Blog.

We like this fly. We like cripples here on the Mo. We like small flies. We like CDC. We like the baetis fly. So consequently we like the Smoke Jumper.

A no frills pattern that looks like the bug. Try the post in darker colors as well for the common glare conundrum here commonly experienced on the Missouri River. A dark post shows well against the slate gray autumn sky.

The river is heating up. Better every day right now. Tie up some fun fall flies this week as you prep for your annual October journey to Mother Mo.

Check out Hans on his YouTube page if you want to see a bundle, a ton of tying videos. Thanks again Hans for the large library of tying videos. A great resource for sure.

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