Spring is here in Montana

Spring has arrived in Montana

The grass is turning a color other than brown and the boats are on the water.

Guides are out daily as we move from winter into spring. Anglers from all over the state are staying with us and fishing their spring break away.

How about your spring break? Need one?

Give us a shout and we can steer you in the right direction.

Enjoy the March Madness here on Montana’s Missouri River.

Happy Sunday to you all.

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  • Hey, Mark….name is Ben Lustig. Left a question a while back, but don’t think it was responded to. We’re all busy, so no biggie whatseover. The question was in regard to something you wrote on the blog a while back that you all up there didn’t do hopper-dropper rigs, but the writing didn’t explain why. Just curious. Thanks, bud!

    • Ben, sorry about the missed response!

      We do sometimes. And some of the guides do as well. Our belief is that, here on the Mo, that the hopper takes away from the dropper, and vice-versa. We do put on a couple nymphs, and a couple dries…but if you really want to catch more fish on a dry, go SOLO!

      It works, but not as well as it does on Freestones. The drift is compromised when using the proverbial hopper-dropper rig. IT is slow water…and it is not the ticket to ultimate success.

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