Stick Figure Rise and Fall Video

Stick Figure Rise and Fall Video

Rise and Fall. Some of those actions here on the Mo.

Water temps falling. Weeds falling by the wayside. The water has already fallen.

The bite is rising. The fish will soon be rising daily. Our excitement level is rising. We love fall.

We truly enjoy the late fall period too. November and December bring us joy.

A great tune by Stick Figure today on the HH Blog. Hump Day. Turn this one up and dance, in your office, like a fish! Or close your eyes and run some mental movies of rising fish. Fish rising to  true baetis.

Rise up and book your trip. Fall into Craig Montana. We will welcome you with open arms.

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  • Saw Stick Figure in Boise a couple years ago. One of my favorites. People either love them or have no idea who they are.

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