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Summer Booking Alert!

Summer Booking Alert!

Guides and Lodging are scarce in June and July.

This is your last real warning about June and July. As we stand, only Swiss cheese like availability for guides and lodging in June or July. Late July is the exception. The 4th and final week holds some hope for those who like the dry fly fishing to be highly technical.

Late May is filling as well. May has become a favorite of many anglers including fewer anglers and dumber fish. Most like the previous two components of May.

This is the We Told You So post. At Headhunters we have a 1 week hold of your guide and/or lodging dates if you have previously booked with us. So, if your week is June 1-5, at the end of your trip, June 5th, you have one week to book the same property, or guide. After one week, both rental house and guide are on the free market. Most, who booking during this historically good fishing period, re-book on the last day of the trip. therefore holding both he guide and lodging for the following year.

But, if that week passes, and the guide and/or rental unit is available, you, the not yet regular, can swoop in for the kill.

You cannot book said guide two years in advance. Just cannot happen. Booking systems and anarchy are not analogous to smooth sailing. Nope.

A system. Yep. Just like successful anglers employ. A system for success. 

That is your free tip for today. Efficiency has the sound fish in it. Not a coincidence. Not by accident. Look it up if you do not believe this armchair etymologist. Fish husbandry and Walton and all that shit. That is where it was spawned. At least in my mind, when fishing is slow and Mr. Guide Man is babbling nonsense. Again…

A system for success. If you do not carry this in your Skills Bag, yet, book one of HH’s teaching guides and catch more trout this year. Last year is the year you did not catch enough. Make this year better. Must be better.

Summer Booking Alert!

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