Summertime Covers

Summertime Covers

Summertime is a few months away. Shucks. Snowing hard in Craig today. And the week ahead. Not many hints of summer out there. The river is frozen. It is wintertime. Not Summertime!

Been singing this tune to myself for a month now.

Now, time to impregnate your brain with it.

A great one from the Gershwin’s/Porgy and Bess mid 30’s.

The inter-web states there could be 25,000 covers of this tune.

Sublime is a good one with the lyrics changed. All of the Jazz greats covered it too. The 3 Queens: Sarah, Ella, Billie. The Chairman of the Board. And beyond. Musicians in every genre will continue to cover this unreal tune composed 80 years ago.

A few of them below. I do like the Willie versions.  It did not appear on his historic album Stardust, although I though it did until I looked it up. Stardust/Nelson is amazing.

The Sarah Vaughn version is haunting. Miles Davis is great and the Summertime cover is no different. The Herbie Mann Album @ the Village Gate is unreal. And the cover is fantastic too!

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