The Police Live at Beat Club 1978

The Police Live at Beat Club 1978

The Police Live at Beat Club 1978

Showed off the Chameleons this past week. But they do not compare to the talent in this late punk band. The Police.

The Police had a hand in shaping the music of the 80’s. Pretty strong showing.

Raw talent. Honed. Practiced. Edgy. Punk-ish.

Just like a young up and coming fly caster. Raw talent. Now, young son, practice.

And maybe you can help shape the future of this fine sport.

Hole in My Life is epic. See it at 14:12

If you don’t watch this today, check back while at your desk this week. Put it on in the background. Maybe after lunch when you are felling a bit logi or spelled logy as well. This 33 minute clip is totally worthy. It’ll charge you up.

Trust Me. I’m an out of work fishing guide.

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  • I saw The Police in 78 and 83. After dark in Buffalo, NY and The Police Picnic in Toronto, Ont. Canada.

    Thanks Guys.

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