Think Pink. Again.

Think Pink. Again.

Think Pink. Again.

Winter is still here. Warmer this past week but the snow and winter like conditions are on our doorstep. Again.

So what do we do? Think Pink. Again.

Above are common pink patterns that produce well during the winter months here on the Mighty Mo. Do others work as well? Of course. Tie up your favorite pink home brews and let them fish!

We are again hosting a tying night Wednesday at 5pm here in downtown Craig. 5-8pm. Tying Night in America. I think the theme will be soft hackles. I know a few fellers want to spin up a couple fall and spring swinging patterns to toss on their Trout Spey rods. We are on board! But you can tie anything you want. Usually a small group with great conversation and some tying fun! See us Wednesday night for this seasonal affair.

Back to the pink party. We have a ton of them in stock at the store. Need to know how to get a hook-up out there on the water? We can help with that too. Stop in and let us suggest a few techniques that may push you over the top!

The weather is variable this week so call us for up to the minute river reports. Remember that the new weather, water temp, wind speed, and water flow chart is at the top of the page hen you boot it up either on your portable device or your laptop/desktop. Already a goto for me when checking all of the Missouri River vitals!

Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram too. Links directly to those sites on the homepage! All you need to know from the information leader on your favorite is posted daily on several platforms. Enjoy your Monday. I know we will! It’s holiday.

And, Think Pink. Again.

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