Missouri River Presidents Weekend Fishing Report

Missouri River Presidents Weekend Fishing Report

Is winter over here in central Montana? No. But Old Man Winter is giving us a break this holiday weekend!

A lighter weather report will allow fishing this weekend without too much pain.

The boat ramps are pretty much cleared. Earlier this week we saw drifts and tough ramp conditions but the snow and ice have let us use them again from the dam to Mid Canon. I would stay away from the deadly Dearborn Ramp though. It is dirt, and it generally more difficult than usual. So check out any snow bound ramps before you get stuck. Smart fishing practices.

Missouri River Presidents Weekend Fishing Report

The fishing is pretty good. February is moving past us and we approach March with arms wide open. The staff was out all week long hooking, netting, missing, swinging, dry fly fishing…a relief after the cold and windy and snowy conditions of the last couple weeks!

Nymphing: Good. Pink and sow and rainbow flavors. With or without split shot. Find the soft insides and toss the bait into the water. Sink it. Drift it. hook it. Fight it. Land it. Dunk it back in. Repeat.

Dry Fly Fishing: Find them up near the dam. For those who don’t go up there…try elsewhere.  Find them not as often elsewhere. You who are of the dry fly mold you know what to do.

Midge clusters, Buzzballs, CDC Hanging Midge, Single midges, Griffith’s and many more available at the winter dry fly shop, Headhunters.

Streamer and 2 Handed Nutjobs: Swingers have been getting them on Clousers. Some neutral colors have been getting bit too. Smaller jigged streamers as well. Swing it and wait for it to happen. It will.

Those who strip have been getting a few too. Strip with a pause…repeat.

Headhunters Spey Clinic Saturday with a batch of interested 2 handers around. Classroom in the am and casting in the pm. We’ll be having fun all day long on the river.

The weather?


A few rooms open for the latter part of the weekend at Craig Trout Camp. Call for availability. We do have a few river properties available, call for them as well.

Headhunters Fly Shop open all weekend long @ 8am for shuttles, flies, new fly lines, Spey Rod demo’s, sale items, and general baloney too. We got it all in downtown Craig.

See you on the river this holiday weekend on the river, in the shop, or wading around!


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