Untouchables Bridge

Thursday Cold, side of Snow

Thursday Cold, side of Snow

Not anywhere near the ZERO mark this morning but still cold at 25F.

The Untouchables Bridge this morning was stunning. A white blanket of snow again yesterday and last night set up a picture perfect scene driving to Craig this morning.

Not a soul around. A few anglers per day, but with the 14 day quarantine for outsiders, the fishing traffic is light, quite light.

Locals Only bro’.

And that is how it is for a while. We may hear something out of the Montana Governor later this week. We will let you know.

We are hunkered down following the Shelter in Place orders. And the staff too. Beyond the solo fishing shots we are trying to kick this can down the road. No movement is good for the future. And that is what we have our focus set on.

Thursday Cold, side of snow. Spring brings us a varied hand of weather. Snow, sun, cold, wind, sleet..flirting with disaster commonly. A way of life.

A Missouri River Water Forecast coming tomorrow on this very blog. Sat in on the Zoom show yesterday with the water managers, FWP experts, and BOR. Updates forthcoming. Hint: Looks pretty average this year. We like average. Mother Nature likes average.

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Oh yeah, practice casting.

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  • Snow here in lower MI – people fishing hard and trying to keep a level head. The cold snap has slowed the streamer chase and adult stone drop. Henny’s will have to wait a while. Keep pushin on – take in all the greatness any river gives ya.

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