Untouchables Bridge

Hump Day Cold, side of Snow

Hump Day Cold, side of Snow

Not anywhere near the ZERO mark this morning but still cold at 25F.

The Untouchables Bridge this morning was stunning. A white blanket of snow began while we slept and will continue though today. Another couple inches maybe? 2-4 inches on the ground depending on your locale here in the Mo River Canyon.

Not too many around today. Guide trips out yesterday.

Becoming more excited daily as we creep out of winter, not yet, into the much greener and attractive spring. It is right around the corner?

Warming towards the weekend. Mid 40’s during the fishing period. Watch for shelf ice, floating sheets of former shelf ice, boat ramp trouble. Be safe. The most important part of the day!

We are hunkered down at the shop unboxing new ’23 gear including soft goods, outerwear, and fly rods and reels and fly lines, and lots of flies!

See us daily in Craig 8am.


Oh yeah, practice casting.


HArdy Creek, Spring, Untouchables Bridge
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  • Barry Walker
    March 16, 2023 5:14 pm

    Well, it wouldn’t be complete without “practice casting”! Thanks Mark! Stay warm.

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