Thursday Morning Brown Trout

Thursday Morning Brown Trout

Thursday Morning Brown Trout

Big trout love mornings too. Thursday Morning Brown Trout gets our blood pumping.

Get out there early or head out there late. But the most actiove time for brown torut is the hour before daybreak. Early mornings can produce. You have to get up early.

With the warmer days, currently near 90F at noon, the hatch and bugs happen earlier. The middle of the day is a killer. The bugs and fish will turn off. Take a siesta and fish both ends of the day. Otr head out at 630 and finish about 2 or 3. A perfect day with fish rising the majority of the time.

All is well here on the Mo. A few weeds starting to fill the water column. Not bad. It will continue to grow. Big time hatches from the Trico end of the equation. They should run strong another 4 weeks. Lets hope!

Hoppers a good thing to tie on after lunch. Ants too.

Enjoying the summer of 2016 here on teh Missouri River. Hope to see you hanging on the parch this autumn and fall. Give us a shout if we can help in any way!

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