Thursday September 10th Missouri River Fishing Report

Thursday September 10th Missouri River Fishing Report

Pretty good up there at the dam. Fished around yesterday with the Zebra being the star. Small brown nymphs or larger purple or tiny BWO nymphs will get it done.

4′-5′ to split. I strung out several little split’s #6’s spaced out about 6″-8″ apart and it helps the splitties waft over those weeds. Not plug into them.

The rest of the river is nymphing pretty good as well. Most of the traffic is up top. Or on the upper river above Mid Canon. There still is some hopper action on the lower reach as well. 5-ish boats a day parked at Cascade.

The rest of the river is hopper fishing good day to day. Some days better than others for sure. Fish your favorite hopper. Tan seems to be in vogue currently. It’ll change.  We’ve been suggesting you fish some of the classics in your box…if the hooks are too rusty! Some of mine are.

Water Temps are 63F with lows at 4320cfs.


Weeds score a 5 on a scale of 1-10. Average at best. Shitty yes. Normal, yes.

Autumn is awesome. Guide trips out daily. Nymphers dee-lite is a normal September bite. Should get better daily peaking in October? A pipe dream maybe. A dream none the less.

The fish are really really hot. Still running hard. Many are breaking them off by trying to stop the screeching runs. And you do stop something, when you clamp down on the line. Just sayin.’

Some Callibaetis out there. Fish a big Adams blind. Do it. Fish it with a big giant spinner of the ass end too. A long piece of tippet like 3′. And drift it…

Thanks for your support this last weekend. A big giant success on the fly sale and in store sale. A ton of packages went out Tuesday morning. We love filling your internet orders. Thanks in advance for your online love.

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Thursday September 10th Missouri River Fishing Report
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  • Mark, great tip on the split string.

  • Question for HH – why are trico’s basically done on the Big Miz but just starting on the Horn? I’m not tracking on this one.

    • The Missouri has always had one of the earliest Trico hatches I’m aware of in the Northern Rockies, often beginning around the 4th of July. I’ve always assumed this was due to our relatively warmer water temperatures (Holter Dam is not a bottom release dam). Late season Trico hatches during September do exist, but are inconsistent and unreliable. Typically we are more focused on Pseudo’s this time of year, along with Caddis, Callibaetis and terrestrials.

  • Much appreciated John although belated. Going to school on the Missouri – finest river I have ever experienced along with waters in Alaska.

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