Autumn Leaves A Jazz Standard

Autumn Leaves A Jazz Standard

And an Autumn Standard for Squeeky Oar Lock.

I just love this tune. Have posted a few versions of this tune over the years and again today, a kick ass version by some jazz giants.

Chet Baker Flugelhorn, Paul Desmond Alto Sax, Bob James keyboards, Ron Carter Bass, Steve Gadd Drums.

Personal life, logistical, and fishing mentor, music lover LT introduced me to Bob James later in life circled up around the campfire, so to speak, in a baby blue single wide. Some of the best times of my life.

Bob was entrenched in Jazz Life but did write a tune you are all familiar with the theme to Taxi. Bob’s talents run wide and deep in the jazz culture, fusion, and pop. A fav for hip hop samplers and smooth jazz fans as well.

Autumn Leaves blowing around the river today as a heavy rain and wind event greeted us yesterday ushering us into the real Autumn here on the Mo.

Autumn Leaves are falling. Not many bugs rising. But mare to some. Tiny BWO’s, October Caddis, that tan fall caddis bug, true BWO’s, some more Callibaetis. A changing of the season.

Real fall does not arrive for another couple weeks, but the foreshadowing yesterday was real. Some snow in the Rockies proves we are heading away from summer. Quickly.

The phones have been lit up with guide and lodging bookings for the Autumn and Fall ahead. A nice time to be here. September is rolling along, and October is nearing rapidly.

If you like Autumn Leaves, this is your time.

Trout Spey is right around the corner…

Happy Tuesday out there.

Autumn Leaves, Bob James, Chet Baker, LT, Paul Desmond
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  • Awesome tune! Thanks SOL.

  • I fondly remember Old Blue–that single wide (I think Walmart is there now)–quite a crew would always assemble there–you could barely put a beer can on the kitchen table for all the vices and feathers all over the place and always music–there was magic there then and as you say some of the best times of life. Heck, we even caught a couple fish now and then. Thanks for a great tune and better remembrances.

  • Termination dust – AKA a way the people in Alaska express the end of summer by snow visible in the high country….do miss those late summer early fall days in Wood-Tikchik guiding for bows and grayling….and tough Dollies

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