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You can’t really call attacks on our Stream Access Law here in Montana “Trending” because the attack is constant. If you live in Montana and follow the news or social media, you may be aware that Republican Gubernatorial hopeful Greg Gianoforte has been in the news lately, with many questioning his credibility and stance on Montana Stream Access. This week we posted this opinion piece by Ben Long at High Country News on our Facebook page and it received an abnormal amount of likes and a huge number of shares (for a news item). It’s a short read that speaks to the current threats to access in Montana.


Much of the information about Gianofortes effort to block an existing public access near his Bozeman home came from this excellent article at Montana Cowgirl.

The immediate and loud response to a simple “repost” on our social media channels proves – once again – that the only people who wish to see the Montana Stream Access law overturned are a handful of wealthy, politically connected and greedy individuals. Hopefully all of our voices will destroy this candidates chances in the fall.

RESOURCES: Here are a few places I consistently see conservation news of interest to me as a sportsmen and fly fisherman. Please add others in the comments.

High Country News

Montana Cowgirl Blog

Montana Conservation Voters

Montana Wilderness Association

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  • Great post ! It’s amazing the time and money people will put in to changing MT stream access. Look at Mitchell Slough ! Landowners having the misconception that they’re Biologist.

  • Great post ! Just like the boys on Mitchell Slough have been trying to do for years.

  • This is an issue for the MT Supreme Court race as well. Juras is opposed to the Stream Access law.

  • Thanks for publishing this. While my industry (real estate) typically supports private property rights one of the many great values we have in Montana is public access.

  • Thanks for posting these two pieces. One of the many great things about our state is public access. You should not have to be rich to enjoy our waters on back country. While my industry (real estate) tends to support private ownership in these instances my view is one of the many amazing aspects to our state is public access to incredible places.

  • I find it interesting and extremely frustrating to see these property owners, most of whom are likely not in residence for more than 4 weeks/year, flex their wallets in the name of ‘conservation’ for the public good. My belief is that their efforts are more often than not directed to towards private, exclusionary conservation which runs counter to what this Vermonter has come to love about MT, and likely what drew these flatlanders there in the first place. Responsible access and use for all is the key to maintaining the resource. Unless of course all those who prefer to ‘own’ the river would like to foot the bill for preserving the entire system that keeps their misplaced lawns so green.

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