Tuesday Fishing Report Missouri River Montana 10.18.22

Tuesday Fishing Report Missouri River Montana 10.19.22

Late in the month and we are enjoying it here in central Montana. A bit warmer that we would like for the fall session but quite nice as for humans the first 3 weeks of this month. Not really enough rain and overcast/inclement conditions for our fall tastes though. Hope more is coming this month?

Decent dry fly fishing in the afternoons. Not a ton of locales but enough to keep the DFO gang busy. Small BWO’s and some caddis will keep the fish interested. Some tossing attractors on the drift. Looking for the aforementioned fall like weather to increase the daily dry fly opportunities.

Pretty good streamer bite in the sun. Flashy seems to be the hot tip. Small too? Some weeds in the water column can make the strip a bit complicated at times. Snap it off. Intermediate tips are the norm. Streamer junkies come by the shop for another shot in the streamer vein with our oft sought after streamer selection. Still waiting on rain and clouds and such for an improvement here on this front.

Nymphers getting them in deep and skinny. Medium too. Sows, Midges, small mayflies, worms. 2′-6′ deep with or without split.

Swingers chatting about the soft hackle action. Some days better than others. Medium and skinny depths are where fish can be found. Deeper if you like the Skagit approach. Not anything like a super-sinky tip but medium depths and weights for most.

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  • Paul Siddoway
    October 19, 2022 8:24 pm

    Tower Rock! Great shot Mark. Nick and I really enjoyed our day with you!

  • Soft hackle junkie here….mid to later in day…..int. sink tip with 18’s, 20’s in softer, shady if possible and hang on! TE Emerger – will clobber it. Bigger orange, tan SH’S will get hammered. Don’t think they will not eat a larger SH – Total BS. Keep rod well off water on the swing unless you prefer bent hooks lost fish. Go easy on the pressure.

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