Tuesday Fishy Update

Tuesday Fishy Update

Tuesday Fishy Update

I guess they’ll eat a streamer.

Al got this one as well as a couple more Monday fishing the Mo with Mark. Our Spring Special is on. Al and Duncan rocked it all day long. Fun times. Duncan caught some too!

Tuesday Update. Yep, it’s fishing well. Nymphing, streamer chucking, swinging, and some dry fly action as well.

Pink. 6′-7′. One B split. Soft insides.

The streamer fish came in a bit of moving water. Sort of moving. And both in deep holes and buckets as well as thinner regions.

Olive and flashy. That is what our boy Eric Mondragon said the other day, and still is valid.

Sunny and 47F today.

Wish you were fishing? Book your spring special today. Or come out and stay at one of our discounted lodging options for Missouri River Madness!

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  • Richard Cook
    March 19, 2019 9:01 am

    Nice fish. Don’t get to read blog everyday, so must comment on “Sly Stone” post. That was around the time of the OJ’s Money…., And how about Rare Earth? Thank you Columbia House for 15 records for 1¢, and the 6 the following years at regular (overpriced) club prices

  • Sort of snakey looking. Why are they keying on smaller streamers vs larger?

    • Yeah. Most humans don’t like skinny people. Too snaky looking.

      It is winter flyfishsmarter. You should know, from your moniker, that browns get skinny in the winter while rainbows get larger, pre spawn weight. The water temp is 34F.

      Our fish like small things. It keeps ’em skinny. Like diet food. Rice cakes and such. Our snaky browns eat size 24 dry fly’s too.

      Our sculpin population is not as strong as freestone rivers. Leeches are a huge deal here. Smaller streamers produce more action. Like the “in the net” kind of action. About 10:1 in streamer sales. Large v. small @ HH of Craig.

      Happy Spring flyfishsmarter. Thanks for the inquiry.

  • Thanks Mark – interesting how rivers are different. Here in MI, we often nail browns on large streamers even at low water temps – ie below 40 F. As water temps drop, we know that metabolism also drops for fish – I used to think larger patterns turned em off because of less need to eat but I have been schooled here many times in winter. Browns, in my view, are pigs and when they want to kill something they will – and often even in colder water even if larger in size. My best fish on streamers have consistently been on larger patters – 3” to 5 “ even in colder water. BTW – caught some great browns in October on the Mizz using smaller articulated sculpins :). The skinny slow water held the best fish. I don’t know it all – but I work hard always to fish smarter.

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