Two Words | Twin-Kies!

Squeeky can sleep better tonight.

And tomorrow night.

You may not have heard, but this is a pretty big deal in SOL’s household. Shit, his lifestyle.

Twinkies are back and better than ever. Smaller, and fewer calories. Just means you can wolf down 3, or 4.

His fantastic wife Danielle saw them @ CVS Pharmacy and swooped a batch up for home use.

They are gone and I am pretty damn content.

Now I can return to my 2-3 Twin Packs per month pace.

They go well with chocolate milk.

Twinkies make everyday better.

Slip a couple Twinkies into your guide lunch today.

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  • Looks like Justin ¬†Beiber is no longer the whitest cream filled twink on the market.

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