Enjoy your week ahead.

A whole new week ahead…

A whole new week ahead…

The show is over. Peak season has passed by. The river is quiet. We like that.

The shop gang is busy though. Finishing the last bit of 2018 ordering and unloading flies, counting stuff, and booking reservations for the upcoming season. Which is a scant 4 months away. That time will pass buy quickly. Too quickly.

I always thought that the off season in the fly shop business would be filled with naps and long lunches and such. No such luck. There is much more to do than one would think.

I see lots of ’18 guide and lodging bookings coming onto the calendar daily. Book your trip now for the best in guide selection as well as the best in properties. Remember that we have a 51 week policy here at Headhunters. That means that if you csh let’s day July 1st thru the 5th 2017 and you would like to fish that time period again, or a parallel story in lodging, you have 1 week following that trip to book your guide and river cottage. If you don’t hold it during that week, it goes onto the open market and anyone of the Missouri River faithful can swoop in and get that guide and property.

What does that mean? That means if you want a premier Missouri River rental property in peak season you may have a shot at it now. If you like your guide and want to switch weeks, now is your time. If you don’t like your guide and want to ditch him for a new shiny model, then now is your time.

Your time is now my fishy friends. Lock in your dates today.

Back to the week at hand. A few swingers out there tossing the Trout Spey rod. A few guide boats out as well. A few more in this week ahead. A guided trip this time of year is pleasant. Sometimes you are th sonly boat on your reach. That is pretty special.

Headhunters is fully stocked with all you need for your two handed obsession. Lines, tips galore, leaders, rods, and a bundle of demo gear.

We also have waders on sale, jackets, the dregs of summer and fall gear too. It all has to go. Come in and name your price on much of the gear that remains. It is winter time here in central Montana and that is what we are focussed on!

Sunny, then some clouds, and towards Thursday we have snow again. It may spit a bit before then. We are way ahead of our November precip and way ahead on the snow scale too. Let’s hope it rolls this way all the way through the coming spring. Let it snow!

The boat ramps are in good shape but stop in before you head out an any given day and get the full report. The river is running at about 3800cfs with the water temps stabilized at 44F. We like that. Why not have it that temp for the remainder of the month. The fish don’t like it excessively cold quite yet either. They have all winter ahead of them.

A whole new week ahead...

Come by for the hottest cold water nymphs. We are open daily 8-6. All services offered all the time here in Craig MT. Call us up even if just for a chat about trout! 406-235-3447

From all of us here at Headhunters Fly Shop & Guide Service…Enjoy your week ahead.

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  • Did you look into that Boat vent.com Mark for your cover?
    also I better ask again…any Sage One 4 weight Spey rods leaving your collection?

    Greg fom Calgary

    • I have looked Greg. It won’t work in my boat, and cover. But did pass it on to the folks I know that could implement. And the Sage ONE, still using it a ton. Sorry! Maybe next year! Take care Greg, see you soon.

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