18 days til Christmas

18 Days til Christmas

18 Days til Christmas

A reminder to you out there in Headhunters Land that the days are slipping past as Christmas races towards us. Another reminder that shopping with Fly Shop Small is damn important to us and the other small businesses out there, near here, near you.

We love to hear from you our loyal customers and love even more that you are rocking Headhunters Logo Wear out there, near here, near you. Shipping cool fishing gear is a snap when you order online or over the phone. We are boxing up and sending packages out daily as the holiday period drifts past all of us.

Trout Spey Gear is our winter forte and you can look to us all year long for education, information, and the largest selection of Two Handed Trout gear on the west couast and Rocky Mountain region.

The Missouri River was made for swinging!

I personally love this Sage Trout Spey reel. It looks performs great with a classic look that is sure to impress you and your envious trout spey friends.

Our ever expanding 2HTROUT catalog will keep you in the right space as you leave 2020 behind. But keep in mind that Swing Season continues through the spring of 2021. Anglers on the river daily swinging!

John wrote a comprehensive Trout Spey Buying Guide recently. Check it out and read up here. tHis will help you make the right choice this shopping season.

Our award winning staff is in the shop daily answering questions about the continuing evolution of Trout Spey. They fish the gear and understand the marriage between reel, line, rod, tips, and flies. Try them. Pretty hard to stump the Headhunters gang. You can always email John if you have questions about anything hyper technical or are looking for a deep conversation about fishing around the world with your two hander.

The Trout Spey line selections at Headhunters is massive. As you may know the line match is so very important in this game. If you have any questions certainly call the shop at 406-235-3447 and we will help you navigate through the sometimes difficult decision process. Line knowledge  and understanding helps you make the right decision.

Trout Spey consumes our winter months and we are continually excited about the evolution of the sport.

Look up our Online selection of all things swing here. Make an order and we will pop it in the mail today. Don’t be left out of the mix as the holiday periods slips by!

Happy Holidays to all of you. Enjoy this Monday. We’ll be out swinging looking for a few 2HTROUT! After we get that order of yours in the mail!

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