Missouri River Montana Current Fishing Report 11.14.23

$400 Missouri River Winter Guide Trips

Yep, it’s true. $400 Missouri River Winter Guide Trips are here for the winter months.

Shorter days with lots of fish is what you can expect from late fall and winter fishing trips on the Missouri.

The good news is there is no danger with the winter trips. If the weather is shitty, no worries. Cancel. No repercussions. We make it easy for you the angler! All deposits fully refundable. All winter trips are offered at this zero-risk policy!

Why take a guide trip in the late fall or winter? Well, let me count the reasons…

  1. No pressure. Not many folks around. Have the river to yourself!
  2. Late starts. Get rolling about 930am. Not that damn 5am, oh-dark-thirty start times of July and August.
  3. Catch a bunch. Nymphing is very effective in the winter.
  4. Streamer fish over non-wary trout while learning about the updated streamer lines with your Headhunters guide. Fewer anglers, happier trout!
  5. Demo a few different rods, and/or fly lines and have the time to really try and understand them.
  6. Learn a bit about 2 Handed Casting. 1 on 1 is a great way to learn.
  7. Enjoy the late fall and winter in this great state of Montana.

Yah, the $400 rate is good. The company, you bring a partner, is great. The river is, well it’s the Missouri River. It’s pretty good too.

Lunch, hot broth or soup, coffee, flies, demo rods/lines, a feller to row the damn boat…and you. A perfect match for any November or December day.

Remember we have cheap lodging too. The Rainbow and Brown Cabins are open all winter for $100 w/ the Craig House starting at $150 for two/$50 per head beyond.

A few local restaurants open to serve you breakfast and dinner. Joe’s Bar to finish the night off in high Craig fashion.

Let your wife know you’ll be gone this weekend…she’ll understand. Then give us a call to set up your winter get-a-way. You’ll love it.

It’s good for your constitution.


$400 Missouri River Winter Guide Trips on Montana’s Missouri River. Yah, it’s awful fun!

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