A few words today about life, moving forward, and fishing?

A few words today about life, moving forward, and fishing?

Enjoyed this piece. Sent to me by a reader of this blog.

I thought it was great.

We all need encouragement, success, and the ability to get up every day and give ‘er hell.


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  • A good one here!! If you think you can …. Then you can. Bring some skin and Expect to Win!

  • To All

    Love when Mark shares knowledge and passion of the dry-fly and the Mo at Craig… AINT NO ONE better at dat and few match the real passion burning within dis cat such that he IMPACTS some living vicariously through his blogs!!

    But let me say this about that… when he shares bits and pieces of his experiences, his opinions, his likes; a little bit of himself… well he does it without offending in a world of people awaiting to be offended … and when he gives beyound the dry-fly as he does here … we’ll I AM GRATEFUL willingness to Share brother !!

    Matthew M lights up passion and this world like few AND I GUARANTEE HE IS A DRY FLY ONLY WITH BAMBOO ROD GUY 🤘
    Peace Calm Gratitude-

  • With people today, gotta keep our poise. Poise is just confidence in what you’re doing. But always stay calm …., then clarify if needed … challenge carefully. Agree – people so chippy these days. Avoid and evade that shit as much as possible.

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