There is a green cast upon the land.

One of the early signs of spring.

Blossoms a few trees as well.

There are a few indicators of spring that carry weight.

The spring green cast is indeed one.

When the Bluebirds arrive. When the Golden Eye finally head north. When the Robin shows its fat rusty belly. When the Osprey come home to Montana’s Missouri River.

Those are the true signs of spring for me.

It is coming now. Ol’ Man Winter is loosening his grasp.

The Missouri River has that spring-like green cast…

A sign of the season. A sign of today.

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  • Robins and Sea-gulls were in Cascade last Saturday. A sure sign of something. What I’m never really sure!

  • Actually saw a bluebird driving over to the Big Hole the other day.
    There’s no mistaking those guys.
    It’s only mid March…

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