Adipose Boatworks and Headhunters Vets Support

Adipose Boatworks and Headhunters Vets Support

Adipose Boatworks has been a supporter of veterans from the start. Since the inception of the business Mike Ward and Tracy Allen along with now frontman and manager Justin Waayenberg have been beleviers in helping American Veterans. And active duty soldiers as well!

We too here at Headhunters believe in helping. Two vets Adipose skiffs sit on our property here in Craig and are available to vets for free any day of the week, month, year. Just give us a call, 406-235-3447, and line yourself out on one of the two boats donated by Adipose Boatworks of Helena. We will get you locked in the calendar for your upcoming visit or day trip from the surrounding communities. We ask that you the user put in and take out your boat. A 2″ ball on the back of your P/U will suffice. A 4 flat connection is attached to the boat trailer for lights.

We ask that you limit your use if coming on an extended vacation to the Craig Missouri River region. It would be inappropriate to lock the boat up for a weeklong stay consequently boxing out other vets from enjoying the boats as well. So a couple days is great.

A common program is for those visiting veterans to book a guide trip for a day, use the vets bots for a couple days and either rent a boat and/or take advantage of our fantastic wade fishing opportunities.

Check out the used inventory on the lot at Adipose. A South Fork Skiff is in the mix too for those who get all fired up about this classic drifter.

Speaking of opportunities. Check out the fleet of used Adipose Flow Skiffs on the lot at Adipose in Helena. Stop by or check out the pricing here on the Adipose website. Give Justin a call at 406-992-1519.

We have rental boats too for your drifting pleasure here on the Mo. A demo boat or tow from Adipse as well so if you want to try one of these beauty’s out on the water give Justin a call and arrange it.

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